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Eataly is one of those destinations that test my self-control from beginning to end. This huge space is not only littered with eats, but the most amazing produce and goodies that will stock your pantry and fill you stomach but leave your wallet skinnier than Kate Moss .The setup of this place is not very intuitive though, as it is basically a gigantic grocery store with small food court settings here and there. It was a good thing that we were seated quickly because I practically had to be restrained from filling a basket full of olive oil, jam, chocolate, and other things to take home. Unfortunately, the pasta was not as exciting as other fare offered inside Eataly. 
Formaggi Misti // Basically a cheese sampler. It came three small silvers of cheese along with a few slices of bread. Additionally, there was a sweet jam to accompany the cheese. I found myself enjoying the jam and cheese combination, but the potions were so small that it's hard to form a definitive verdict on this dish.  
Paccheri // This pasta dish was a bit too chewy for my taste. Additionally, all of the seafood fell out of the shells, and I found some of it to tasted fishy. I didn't like having to poke my fork around my plate to try and reunite pasta and seafood, and eventually I just gave up and ate them separately. The chili was also too overpowering for this dish. 
Agnolotti // My dining partner simply found this dish to be tough and impossible to taste the flavor of the filling
All in all, pasta at Eataly was a miss. That being said, I wouldn't be adverse to trying their other dining options (seafood, meat, etc). 
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