One of my dearest friends was returning to New York after living in Europe for several months. Racking my brain for the perfect place to catch up, Cha-An came to mind. It's a magical place where East meets West. Although there's always a wait (we went around eight at night and weren't seated until half an hour to forty-five minutes later), I think that it's totally worth it. The atmosphere itself is lovely. Quiet and dim, Cha-An truly transports it's diners and you almost forget that you're New York City. They offer savory goods, but since we went after dinner, this was a dessert type of affair. Before you go though, make sure to pack cash, as they do not accept card.

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// Matcha float | Although incredibly refreshing and true to the taste of matcha, I found that this drink could be a bit grainy. It also comes topped with red bean, which I opted out of. 

// Green tea cake roll and sake ice cream | The sake flavor was definitely incredibly subtle in this ice cream, but still stimulating nonetheless. Cakes were moist, and paired perfectly with the ice cream. 

// Black sesame crème brûlée | The notes of sesame could be found throughout this dish (the custard, ice cream, and chip), but it was never overwhelming. Overall, it was incredibly light and refreshing. 

// Strawberry shortcake | This was an interesting take on the shortcake, and I would have to sadly admit that this was my least favorite of all the desserts. The shortcake itself would immediately fall apart, and break into flakes that were hard to manage and eat. If you overlook this though, the flavor itself was pretty good, but I wouldn't go running to this dessert. pink_heart_small_thumb

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