Sweater: Night Market | Dress: H&M| Shoes: Dr. Martens
Photographs by Morgan Gossett

What's the best way to transition that denim dress trend from summer to fall? Throw a sweater on top of it of course! I love this bad boy, as it's the softest thing ever and the shape creates really interesting drapes. This look is one to wear when catching up with pals over a cup of steaming hot cider. Speaking of catching up, a few casual updates: 

/ I'm definitely rekindling a serious fondness for anything labeled "apple spice" or "pumpkin".
/ I can't believe that I'm already finalizing my lineup for senior Thesis. Can time fly any faster? 
/ Sometimes you just have to learn the hard way that maybe mom and dad were right, and you should've listened to them. 
/ What is this thing called "balance", and how can I get some in my life?

I hope that everybody had a wonderful Halloween, and enjoy the start of November (with a lot of cider of course)! pink_heart_small_thumb
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