Next stop: Baltimore! I took the train from Philly to Baltimore, and spent the day doing a bit more eating than sight seeing. The day started at Fells Point for a little bit of shopping and checking out the waterfront before grabbing brunch at Blue Moon Cafe. My dining partner and I enjoyed:

G&G's Country Scramble | A gigantic fluffy biscuit topped with eggs, bacon, cheese, and a huge dose of sausage gravy. This dish definitely isn't for those "eating light". The mix of crispy hash browns and soft biscuits soaked in gravy was a delightful combination. With bacon thrown into the picture, I definitely finished this meal satisfied.

Captain Crunch French Toast | One word: heavenly. The crisp texture of Captain Crunch mixed with toast was a marriage made in heaven. Fresh fruit heaped on top gave the dish some balance. This mix of textures and tastes was magical, and made me wish I could eat two.

After brunch, we checked out the campus of Johns Hopkins, and I was left craving life on a "normal" college campus more than ever. The architecture was so picturesque, and left me with an urge to study for some reason. The next day we packed up, and stopped by Faidley's for a taste of those famous Maryland crab cakes. Our take?

Faidly's Crabcakes | One crab cake is definitely enough for two! This is the best crab cake I've ever had in my entire existence and I'm not exaggerating. The exterior was crisp to perfection, and your fork sinks into a delightfully moist center. The best part is the heaps and heaps of lump crab meat that's so fresh you'd swear they caught the crab and cooked it right then and there.

After stuffing ourselves full, we stopped by the Peabody Library to check out some stunning architecture before piling into our car and driving down to Pittsburgh for the last stop of this trip. pink_heart_small_thumb

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