Right now time is doing one of those odd things where it stands suspended and it seems like the future is so far away. The idea of my travel plans, thesis, graduation, and other miscellaneous tidbits are just but a blip on my radar. I'm enjoying this though, and trying to savor the idea of my here and now. Suddenly life is bounded with new music, being sociable, and finally acting my age. I haven't a clue what's to come, but for some reason I can't help but think that this might be exactly what I need. pink_heart_small_thumb 

Get The Look
pink_heart_small_thumb Denim Top: Ralph Lauren | Steal / Splurge
pink_heart_small_thumb Jeans: BCBG | Steal / Splurge 
pink_heart_small_thumb Shoes: Marais USA | Steal / Splurge
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