The exterior and interior of this cafe give the feeling that you're walking into a friend's living room to have some coffee. This shop offers savory eats like quiches and sandwiches, hot and cold beverages, a chocolate shop, souvenirs, and desserts galore. I recommend this spot for catching up with friends or a casual date. Be warned that there aren't many tables open, so you might have to wait to grab a seat! From the top:

Angeline | This white chiffon cake was soft and the whipped cream provided the perfect touch of sweetness. Although it isn't the lightest chiffon cake, it definitely satisfies a simple sweet tooth. 

Ham and Cheese Toasted Sandwich | Pretty standard ham and cheese. If you can look past the concrete solid crust on this salad, the rest is delicious. I have no idea what compelled the crust to be so solid when the inside was perfectly toasted and soft! As for the salad, it was a mere "meh" for me. 

Noisette | This cake is layered with the fluffiest chocolate mousse, pistachio, and hazelnuts. For me, this cake was the standout. It offers the perfect mix of textures in your mouth - the soft mousse with crunchy pistachio and hazelnut. 

pink_heart_small_thumb 1F 2 Lane 106 Da'an Road Section 1, Taipei / 台北市大安路一段106巷2號1樓

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Sartorial Diner

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