Upon arriving in Pittsburgh, I checked out the campus at Carnegie Mellon. It had an interesting combination of old architecture thrown in with new buildings. I was definitely impressed by their facilities (and super jealous of their office chairs...). We also enjoyed dinner at Eleven. This was an upscale restaurant with the clientele to show for it. We opted to not order the chef's tasting menu for better flexibility. A rundown of this meal from left to right: 

Fisher's Island Oysters | These definitely tasted fresh and went down easily. A splash of mignonette sauce was enough to make me happy.

Tuna Tartare | This definitely wasn't the most exciting tuna tartare I have ever had, but it certainly wasn't the worst. Although the white anchovy seemed interesting in theory, it proved awkward to eat with the tartare, and overall flavor was lacking.

Elysian Fields Farm Lamb | Overall the flavors in this dish were pretty on point! My only complaint is that we asked for medium rare, and it definitely came back medium well, which made the lamb chewy.

Seafood Tasting | This tasting consisted of salmon, crab cake, and scallop. I loved the salmon and scallop. The salmon had that perfect crispy skin and juicy interior. The crab cake was a let down in taste and texture though, but how could it ever compare to the one I had in Baltimore?

Another food spot we hit up in Pittsburgh was a burger joint by the name of Burgatory. Overall, I highly recommend this spot. They have killer milkshakes and burgers, and some delicious fries to boot. They allow you to customize your burgers from a checklist, which is always fun!

My last spot before leaving was to take the trolley up Duquesne Incline. The trolley was definitely quaint and the view quite romantic. We walked to a small overlook to capture one last glimpse of the city before heading back to the airport. pink_heart_small_thumb

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