My next Taiwanese adventure takes me to the Kagaya Resort in Beitou, Taiwan. Kagaya is a Japanese resort brought over to Taiwan, and prides itself on the highest quality of service and comfort. They offer a public nude hot spring, as well as a private hot spring bath inside of each room. Rooms are booked for two people, and additional individuals can be added for a fee. This resort is definitely gorgeous, and supremely relaxing. For those craving that extra bit of service, you can pay for a female butler who caters to your every need. We opted out of this service as I personally found it awkward to have a woman follow me around all day.

Right across the street is a public park, and the public library. This particular library is worth checking out, as it's architecture is unique, and considered a "green" building.

Dinner was had at Man Lai Ramen. The noodles are truly handmade and served in the clearest broth I've ever had. Their fried tofu is another highlight. Perfectly crisp on the outside with the softest tofu that melts in your mouth.

I definitely recommend coming to Kagaya for a truly relaxing vacation. This is a destination to get away from the hustle of a city, and stays very true to hot springs in Japan. pink_heart_small_thumb
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