This post is definitely heavy on the photos, but I just couldn't resist sharing one of the prettiest places in Taiwan. I took a train in the morning from Taipei and started off the day by hiking up to see the Wufenqu waterfalls. The total hike took about 30 minutes, with plenty of scenic areas to rest. The whole area is split into three "sections" - each with their own sight to see. I definitely recommend going all the way to the top, and it's simply gorgeous and definitely worth the time.

Lunch was had at a nearby spot famous for its roast chickens. They cook the chicken in huge jars to get some really tender meat. I also noshed on cabbage and bamboo shoots on the side and enjoyed local wheat beer. Another stop was the Lanyang Museum. It's filled with local history and a look at the area. It was pretty interesting and interactive, but not somewhere you'd spend a ton of time. We also popped by the beach before heading to our resort where we enjoyed one of Yilan's famous hot springs.

Overall the trip was pretty relaxing and there were quite a few sights to take in. Check out the video for a more in depth look at my trip (as well as some extras)! pink_heart_small_thumb
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