Another find at the eslite Spectrum (I know, I know - can I just shut up about this fabulous place already?), is Kiki's Thai. I instantly fell in love with the modern and chic space. They were also super accommodating with my inability to tolerate spicy food. Some highlights of the meal include:

Roasted pork with spicy sauce | Incredibly tender pork with dipping sauce on the side. I tried the spicy and the lime and both were good eaten separately and together.

Crispy fried shrimp pancake | Crispy on the outside and super meaty on the inside. You could definitely taste the chunks of shrimp and every bite had a satisfying crunch.

Steamed bass with lemon and Thai sauce | The fish was steamed to perfection! The meat literally just fell off of the bones, and the sauce was delicious on the fish and drizzled over rice.

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