Utility Jacket: Queenshop (similar here) / Polka Dot Sweater: J. Crew (similar here) / Scuba Skater Skirt: H&M (similar here) / Bracelet: Michael Kors (pink no longer available; rose gold here) / Shoes: Ecote (similar here)

These photos were taken during that sudden onslaught of snow we received in New York City. Being stuck at home because of weather really sucks, so my bud and I decided to brace the cold and snap a few shots for fun. I've been totally obsessed with this utility jacket lately. The cut of the sleeve is so comfortable, and the oversized pockets have definitely come in handy (mostly for shoveling candy bars into during Netflix marathons). Although the weather seriously makes going outside such a pain, I couldn't help really admiring the beauty of all that snow. Of course, I admire the most from the safety and warmth of my apartment. 

Can I also say that I'm totally infatuated with the lens my pal used to take these photos?! For the first time in my picture taking life, the snowfall was actually captured. You can even see the flakes in my hair (no, that wasn't not dandruff). He helped me take a few sets, which I can't wait to share. I'm totally having camera envy though, and wish that the lens didn't leave with him. Does anybody else ever get camera envy? I'm seriously contemplating saving up for an upgrade now (although learning how to use the more sophisticated cameras is a whole different issue)! 

I hope everybody stays dry this weekend!
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