Dominique Ansel brought New Yorkers the "cronut", and this afternoon he introduced us to the new craze - cookie shots. Inspired from eating his first Oreo, this fun dessert is just what it sounds like: a cookie shot glass lined with chocolate frosting and a shot of vanilla bean infused milk. My friend and I lined up an hour and a half before opening, and the line slowly snaked around the block. With only 200 made, these bad boys definitely sold out in a flash. All in all, I'd say that the cookie shot is a fun dessert to try at least once! Pro-tip: say that your shot is togo and they'll pack your cookie cup in a box with a side of milk in a mini-cup. It's two per person, so I took the other one home. With a quick zap in the microwave later, it was definitely just as good as when it was fresh. Oh, and while you're there, pick up some of his other mouthwatering pastries. I personally go nuts for his salted caramel eclair. Would you wait in line for a cookie shot?

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