Felt Hat: Volcom (similar here - ASOS) / Denim Jacket: Queenshop (similar here - Forever21) / Shirt: Cheap Monday / Jeans: BCBG Generation (similar here - Volcom) / Boots: Dr. Martens / Amethyst Necklace: Species by the Thousands (similar here - Decadorn) / Gold Necklace: Marc by Marc Jacobs (similar here - House of Harlow)

It's finally warming up in the city, so I can't help but be in a good mood. It's crazy how fast my collection is coming together. Despite seeing the lineup and fabrics pulled together it still hasn't really hit me that this is my collection. I guess that I've just worked for other companies for so long that I'm not used to seeing a collection with my name on it. It's incredibly thrilling to have so much ownership over the creative process of my garments. Over the years I've realized that people often have this notion that there's only one designer per house who does all the work. More often than not, there's a team of designers under them who never get any recognition for their creative talent. Fashion houses are such interesting powerhouses with many different cogs working together to get a collection out every season. It's been interesting being on both sides of this machine, and I haven't really decided whether I like to work on the front end or behind-the-scenes yet since I think that both sides have their merits. Hopefully I'll have some more time to figure things out!
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