Leather Jacket: BDG (similar here) / Sweater: J. Crew (similar here) / Slacks: N/A (similar here) / Boots: Deena & Ozzy (similar here)

Sometimes you wake up and just feel like going out and looking for a little bit of trouble. Unfortunately, if you're like me you probably have responsibilities and bills to pay. Fret no more though, because you can definitely be a bad chick with your wardrobe choices. I threw on my leather jacket to keep warm and paired it with some menswear inspired slacks. The slouch of these pieces are not only comfortable, but who says your clothes always have to fit? The look is topped off with a pear sweater for some good measured fun. 

Man, I'm pretty sure that daylight savings hit me the hardest this year. Any other day and an hour could pass without me batting an eye. Yet, during daylight savings I become completely fixated on that single hour gained or lost. I act as if I could've built a nation during that one hour, when in reality I'm just upset that I have less time to nap that day. Am I the only person this obsessed with daylight savings?

Have a great week everyone! 
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