Photographer: Catherine May Taylor / Makeup: Christina Nicole/  Lookbook Producer: AllieNYC / Model: Jennifer Essig | 
These designs are part of my intellectual property and all images are owned by Stephanie Lin, Cathering May Taylor and Allie NYC. Please respect our work and do not use these images without permission.

I'm incredibly thrilled to finally share my final collection with everyone! If you've been following my blog for a while, you'll know that I'm graduating from Parsons the New School for Design. This collection has been my baby for the past year and to finally see everything come together has been a surreal experience. 

I wanted to tackle the idea of movement and the body in my collection, and I began by examining a mathematical way of folding fabric inspired by tessellations. Each fold uniquely opens and closes as the body moves. Clothing should have an intimate relationship with the body, so I designed each garment to respond to different parts of the form. It revolves around this idea of clothing "breathing" with the body as you move in them. I also believe that clothing should be practical, so all of my garments lay flat when hung or folded, and open when worn on the body. 

With this collection wrapped up, and a successful panel presentation, I'm glad to finally be able to catch my breath. That being said, I'll be celebrating through graduation and the end of May before packing up and leaving New York. That's right - four years here and I'm ready to move on. I'll be headed west to California for a bit before throwing as much as I can in a suitcase and moving to Germany. I've been blessed to have been hired as an associate designer at a fashion house there, and I cannot wait to return to Europe and start a new chapter of my life where I can truly say that I am a working fashion designer. 
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