Another day, and another brunch in New York City. This time I found myself at The Fat Radish. My friend and I started off with coffee and a fresh green juice. I know that the whole "green juice/smoothie" thing has been trending forever, but I seriously can't get enough of them. 

Avocado & 7-Grain Toast, Spicy Eggs | Let me tell you something - when they say "spicy eggs", they're not joking. That being said, I rather liked this dish. Avocado toast isn't exactly fancy, but sometimes that exactly what you need. The spicy eggs brought some dimension to the dish, and definitely added a kick to an otherwise plain dish. 

House Made Donuts, Powdered Sugar, Seasonal Jam | I believe that our jam of the day was something along the lines of raspberry. The donuts were perfectly fluffy, and the jam was delicious without being too sweet. My only complaint would be that the jam was a tad bit on the runny side. Some people like it when their donuts ooze, but I prefer my fingers to remain on the non-sticky side. 

After brunch (and some disorder after we realized they were a cash only establishment), we took a quick walk over to Bowery to check out the mural by Maya Hayuk. It was quite beautiful, and as expected there were tons of people scrambling to take photos in front of it. Not a bad way to round out the weekend if you ask me. 

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