Toronto, ON, Canada
There's nothing quite like walking into a restaurant only to find that happy hour prices on oysters have just begun. Other than that though, Biff's doesn't exact set out to blow your mind.

Mushroom Soup | In terms of flavor, the mushroom soup was delicious. In terms of texture though, it was this odd mix of creamy and grainy all at once.

Oysters | How can you say anything terrible about $1 oysters? They were fresh, and came with standard condiments on the side.

Crispy Pig's Ears | I don't normally eat pig's ears, so to be honest I wasn't sure what to expect here. They were quite chewy after the first few bites, but I really liked the tart sauce that came with this appetizer.

Chicken Liver Parfait | This dish wasn't too salty. The texture was really smooth, and the portion was large.

Skin Roasted Trout | The fish itself was quite good. The meat was tender, and the skin was crispy. As for the rest though, I found the entire dish to be quite busy, and the coleslaw under the fish just didn't do it for me.

Beef Bourguignon | The meat was a bit tough, and the scant bit of gnocchi under it was just plain awkward.

Orange &  Fennel Bavarois + G√Ęteau au Citron | Let's cut to the chase - dessert was forgettable. And what a disappointment since I always look forward to dessert.

Bottom line: Biff's wouldn't be such a disappointment if the prices weren't so sky high.

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