Standing at the storefront, I couldn't help but be curious looking in at shelf after shelf of colorful books, as well as an extensive array of sketchbooks and drawing materials littering the shop. Walking in, I learned that the Brooklyn Art Library not only sold various sketchbooks and stationary, but was home to the Sketchbook Project. 

Basically, you can purchase a sketchbook from them, create your own work, and send the book back. They catalogue each sketchbook (some have the option of even being digitized), and these books go on a "tour" of sorts across the country so artists can share their work. Upon the conclusion of this tour, they make their home within this library where people can "check out" sketchbooks and see what other artists are up to. Truly a library for sketchbooks! This is definitely a fun stop to get your creative juices flowing, and to be inspired by other people's works. 

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