New York, NY, USA
When I heard "Mast Brothers Chocolate" and "factory tour" in the same sentence, I knew that I had to go check it out. Situated in Williamsburg, the factory was surprisingly small for the amount of chocolate that they make. It was incredible to see how much of the process was still in small batches and controlled by the human hand as opposed to a mechanical assembly line. Even several of their bars were wrapped by hand. It was so clear that everyone working at Mast Brothers Chocolate was passionate about the product and the craft. 

Overall, I was able to see the process from bean to bar, and it was incredibly eye opening. I was able to taste the chocolate at different stages of the chocolate bar process, as well as sample their collection. The tour concluded with a gift, and a new appreciation for chocolate. 

As for the chocolate itself? I love the Vanilla & Smoke on its own, and the Stumptown Coffee variety tastes great with whiskey on the side (you know, for when you're feeling fancy and fun at the same time). 

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