Cologne, Germany

cologne, germany

As much as we try to "do as the locals", I couldn't help but fall into being a tourist this time around. I mean, come on - how could anyone resist a chocolate museum?! So, for my first trip to Cologne I tourist-ed my way around the city (and yes, I did just make up a word). 

Cologne Cathedral | Whoa. I don't think that words can really do this beautiful piece of architecture any justice. Not only that, but it's one of the first sights to greet you as you enter the city by train. 

Hohenzollern Bridge | Lovers and friends alike come here to leave their love in the form of a lock on this bridge. It was fun to guess the stories and personalities behind the different locks. I mean, who leaves a foot wide metal heart locked on a bridge. You tell me. 

Im Martinswinkel | We opted for a German lunch, but unfortunately the food here was lacking. It was one of those places that looks all too adorable, but the fun ends there. Everything was just lacking in flavor, and our soft drinks were served flat. 

Chocolate Museum | Lunch was redeemed with some seriously good iced chocolate drinks with a huge hunk of ice cream. Yes, it was incredibly sweet - but I expected nothing less from a chocolate museum! The museum itself isn't exactly what I would call "fun", but rather "informative". There were tons of plaques to read. 

Okay, time for some real talk. Most of the touristy sights didn't rock my socks. Sometimes you just have to visit places for the sake of visiting them though. It's like going to New York and never seeing Times Square. Yes, it sucks. Yes, you still have to see it. 

That being said, I still love the city and visit it often. Now that the "touristy" things are out of the way, it gives a lot more room to just explore. And by explore, I mean "eat". More on that later...

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