berlin, germany

There are those days when time passes slower, the air becomes thicker, and nothing sounds better than nestling in the back of a coffee shop while watching the minutes pass. Two and Two is the perfect spot to do just that. I popped in during a sudden downpour of rain, and ordered from an adorably illustrated menu.

iced chai tea | Light, fresh, and not sweet in the least bit. This is the perfect drink to balance out any decadent dessert.

french hot chocolate | I've had a few good hot chocolates in my life, and this is definitely up there on my top list. You're served a cup of melted chocolate with steamed milk on the side. Add a little milk for a rich drink, or add a lot for something less indulgent.

chocolate cake | I loved this chocolate cake so much I ended up buying more to take home. It's rich and thick, and keeps a true chocolate taste. The center is also soft and thick, while there's a crisp top that adds a great texture.

two and two
Pannierstraße 6
12047 Berlin / Neukölln

Opening Hours:
changes seasonally
Mon-Fri 10:00-18:00
Sat-Sun 11:00-18:00

+49 30 53791578
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