Brussels, Belgium

brussels, belgium

Upon walking into the Royal Museum of the Army and of Military History (isn't that a mouthful?), it was a bit like watching "Hoarders" meets "History Channel". I'm not kidding - this museum is packed from floor to ceiling with memorabilia, paintings, uniforms, and artifacts. You want to see what a cannon looked like from the 20th century? Well, they have 10 or 20. What about uniforms? They've got rooms full of that stuff. In all seriousness though, this is the perfect place for those history buffs who love military history. Admission is free as well, so I think that it's worth a visit even if this isn't up your alley. I personally enjoyed the military uniforms, but definitely didn't take to their wax figures. I don't like a realistic looking dummy pointing a sword at me. 

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