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los angeles, california, united states of america

Restaurants often serve as markers in the storytelling of my life. ABC Cocina is where my friends and I would grab cocktails while simultaneously people watching and trying justify paying fifteen dollars for guacamole. Or, we could look at Scarpetta, where I celebrated graduation with loved ones and toasted to new beginnings. Perhaps one of my most favorite memories could be attributed to Grimaldi's, where my best friend and I walked the Brooklyn Bridge, and then fell into the restaurant with red cheeks and windswept hair to have our fill of pizza.  

Food itself also fulfills this storytelling for me. Horchata (my favorite variety from Mexico or Guatemala) is a drink often derived from rice, vanilla, and cinnamon. To me though, it brings back memories of sneaking out of the house with my brother at midnight. We'd grab tacos, carne asada fries, and of course, horchata. While others were out on a Saturday night, we were sitting in the car sneakily eating Mexican food away from the prying (and health conscious) eyes of our mother. 

This is a different type of post from my usual restaurant reviews, but I guess thinking about this food just made me nostalgic since my big brother moved to Spain. If you're here for an actual review though, here's the ten words or less version: You won't be disappointed at CasaLinda. Oh, and market price guacamole (that wasn't fifteen dollars)!

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