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newport beach, california, united states of america

My favorite cuisine is hands down Japanese, and I have immense respect for the craft of preparing sushi. From selecting the fish, to serving the perfect cut, it's really an underrated art. Outside of Japan, one of my favorite restaurants to frequent when I'm in town is Nana San. Located in the middle of a nondescript shopping center, you would never guess that some of the best sushi in Newport Beach was next to a Pizza Hut. So, what's usually on the menu when I visit?

Tataki Salad | No, there are no leafy greens in this salad. What you will get is some seared fish (I prefer tuna or albacore), on a bed of daikon and onion. A garlic vinegar soy sauce adds a fabulous kick. This is a great dish for those who want to try semi-raw fish, but are afraid of any "fishy" tastes.

Lotus Roots Tempura with Spicy Tuna | Fried lotus roots topped with spicy tuna and avocado. I love the contrast between the crunch of the lotus root, and the softness of the fish. Each order comes with three, but they'll cut them in half if you're opting to share.

Japanese Red Snapper with Yuzu and Sea Salt | You have a choice between serving this dish as sushi or sashimi. The fish is ridiculously fresh, and the yuzu adds a perfect punch without overshadowing the red snapper.

On rotation between visits, I'll also order a variety of sushi such as scallop or king salmon. Their fried fish is also very good, as is their steamed egg. To be honest I usually totally overeat when I go, but can you really blame me? Seriously, check it out and you'll totally understand!

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