Ghent, Belgium

ghent, belgium

We rested in Zierikzee for a few days before crossing the border and entering Belgium. Eager to see a new Belgian city, Hef and I opted to stop briefly in Ghent before heading into France. Most shops were closed since we arrived on a Sunday, but that didn't stop us from wandering about and finding a chocolatier that was open. The Belfry was also open, and we made our way to the top for some seriously stunning views. If you're hardcore, you can choose to walk up the stairs (and simultaneously battle downward traffic sharing the same stairwell). If you're lazy like me, they have a spiffy elevator that'll do the job in less than a minute. We wrapped up the visit by enjoying sandwiches while sprawled out on a patch of grass. After devouring our lunch (and a fresh waffle), we popped back into the car and headed towards Lille.

A tip to those who are driving into the city: there are several free car parks outside of the city just a hop away from city center by bus. I would not recommend driving into the city center and trying to park!

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