Chantilly, France

chantilly, france

If you're looking to step into a world of excess and frivolity, look no further than Château de Chantilly. We drove into town wondering where the Château could possibly be amongst the narrow cobbled streets. Finally, the road opened into a wide avenue as we passed through an immense archway that framed the expansive grounds. Parking is relatively intuitive and easy, and just a short walk away from the building. When you arrive, skip the long lines, and grab your tickets from an automated kiosk.

Since I'm not a fan of audio guides, I opted to skip that option, and just wander the halls and garden. Although the Château looks huge, it's actually not a very long visit. I'd say that we spent about three hours (including a nibble of ice cream in the garden) before hopping back on the road and heading into Paris.

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