Prague, Czech Republic

prague, czech republic

While there are many restaurants I love, there are very few that make me feel the way that La Degustation does. Kevin and I arrived for our seating, and decided right from the start to be the gluttonous brats we knew we were. So what does that entail? An eleven course tasting menu paired with their fresh juices menu. We opted out of the wine tasting because let's be frank. 11 glasses of wine for me doesn't make for very upscale behavior. 

The service was lovely right from the moment we entered the restaurant. As for the food? Out of the world. The first word that comes to mind is graceful. Odd choice to describe a meal, but it's how I felt. Not only was the meal paced perfectly, but the ingredients were combined in such an imaginative manner and prepared with stunning technique. Honestly, I would make a return trip to Prague, just to get a taste of their shaved foie gras. Or their beef tartare...or the...well, you get the picture.

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