Hey there! I'm taking a break from my Vienna posts, to do a tag from the lovely Kim over at Silently Free. Let's get started!

1. What defines you as a blogger? 
I like to approach blogging in a casual and personal way. This is really just a platform for me to do a bit of storytelling through my travels, photography, and the food I eat. 

2. What is your favorite travel memory from your childhood?
I used to have this furry Winnie-the-Pooh shaped backpack as a kid. We'd go overseas two or three times a year, and I just remember throwing everything into that backpack. My parents always talk about seeing me bounding away with that bright yellow backpack bouncing against my back. In terms of an actual event, I got lost at a monastery once in Japan. I remember casually buying myself a snack, and just reveling in the sounds of nature. My parents weren't too pleased to find me calmly sitting under a tree while they spent the better part of an hour looking for me. 

3. What is the craziest experience you’ve had while traveling?
One summer in high school, I found myself in Italy. While walking about, I noticed the Valentino logo over a nondescript entryway that seemingly lead into nothing. Apparently that nothing was one of their headquarters, and a fifteen-year-old had nonchalantly wandered in. I did get stopped by two guards before I got too far, but they were really nice and helped me take a picture in the courtyard. 

4. If you were given a photography license for any one place in the world that restricts photography, where would it be?
To be frank, there haven't been too many places I've come across where I couldn't take photos. I would love to unabashedly take pictures at a really nice restaurant though! It's just so rude and awkward to bust out a DSLR during a nice meal, but I often wish I could have pictures to share on here.

5. If you had the option of seeing a musical, seeing the sunset from a bridge over a river, seeing a nightscape from a viewpoint, or drinking the local beer/wine at the finest pub/winery which would you choose?
Oh definitely drinking some local beer/wine! I think that food is such a great insight into different cultures. Plus, hanging out at the pub/winery sounds like a ton of fun. 

6. What is the best street food you’ve tried while traveling?
Everything in Taiwan! I never go hungry in that county. 

7. What is the best dessert you’ve had while traveling?
I hate to give a lame answer, but I really can't say I have a "best" dessert experience. I think that desserts are so different from each other, and it depends on my mood. Besides, I'm such a sweet tooth. You're all my favorites! 

8. Which country is at the top of your bucket list?
Right now I'd love to do a really outdoorsy type of holiday. Norway has been in my list for a while, or somewhere polar opposite like Fiji. Probably somewhere I could camp/hike and enjoy some seriously stunning views. 

9. What do you do when it rains (pours) while you travel?
I never use an umbrella since I find that they're not very useful, and are quite bulky. I'll usually throw on my lightweight Uniqlo rain jacket and just trek it out. 

10. What do you do during a long flight to your destination?
I'm one of those lucky people who just pass out. I'm talking about sleeping nonstop from London Heathrow to LAX. If I'm up and about though, I'll usually just listen to music and read on my tablet. Maybe I'll edit photos on my laptop or write in my journal. I'm a pretty average person, haha.

Feel free to answer these questions, and do the tag on your blog! And check out Kim's lovely blog for some gorgeous photography. 
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