Amsterdam, Netherlands

amsterdam, the netherlands

Craving some Japanese, we wandered around until we found Ramen - Ya. The space looked modern and pulled together, so we took a chance on the food. I wouldn't necessarily say that the meal was very authentic. I guess that could be expected from a place that has a "Mount Fuji" ramen eating competition. Still, we didn't have any complaints, especially with their fried chicken! Oh, they also randomly sat the two of us in the largest booth known to mankind even though there were tables for two available. Large as in I'm pretty sure that our two families could've joined us for lunch and there would still be space to spread out. There isn't really anything wrong with that, but we were pretty amused and decided to be those awkward people who sit side by side staring at other diners while eating. It was definitely the better option compared to sitting apart and resorting to shouting at each other.

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