Hello, hello! If you follow me on Instagram (@sartorialdiner), you may have noticed that I spent the last two months in California. While I wish I could say I was on a very long holiday, I've actually been tirelessly working on a new endeavor. What is this new venture, you may ask? 

I am beyond thrilled (and terrified) to say that I have left my friends, home, and career behind in Germany to launch my own womenswear brand by the name of Kestan

During the last five years, I've had incredible opportunities in New York, London, and Germany to develop my career as a womenswear designer. These cities have offered me remarkable training and really allowed me to hone my creative voice. Despite this, I've always felt a calling to share my creative vision. 

I believe that it is not only desirable, but necessary, to offer garments that are made and designed with integrity. True pieces of clothing that serve as accessible luxury. Clothing can be made in a way that is well-crafted, well-designed, and fair when it comes to price and the ethics behind production. 

Sartorial Diner has followed me through many large milestones in my life such as my transition into young adulthood, various moves to different cities, and several boyfriends (I'm totally kidding...!). Because everyone has been nothing but supportive during these leaps, I really wanted to share the process of creating a label with my readers. After all, there's more to a brand than just the garments alone.

Every other Friday, I'll be launching a post that pertains to Kestan. In the coming months you'll get a peek at my design process, continue traveling with me, and my favorite of all - meet my business partner. Of course I'm biased because I've spent the last twenty some odd years hanging out with him, but I'm sure you'll find him just as hilarious and charming as I do! 

I hope that everyone is just as excited as me to embark on this journey of creating Kestan. In the meantime before the brand launches, feel free to follow us on Instagram (@hellokestan), and get acquainted with the brand on our website here

A heartfelt "thank you" to everyone for their support! Now, let's get this label started! 

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