Stockholm, Sweden

stockholm, sweden

My friend Jazz (who also happened to be both colleague and roommate all rolled into one) is a meticulous planner, insatiable foodie, style maven, and the most relaxed gal you'll ever encounter. Of course this meant that I had snatch her up as a travel partner as soon as possible. After a few lunches spent debating the pros and cons of different travel destinations, we settled upon Stockholm, Sweden. We were creatively deprived, and wanted to go somewhere our eyes could feast. What ensued was a week of strolling by the water, feeding our closets while starving our wallets, and catching the eyes of cute boys but being too shy to say anything. The whole week was filled with the best memories. Whether it was bailing out on the "hip" club to eat Max's hamburgers on the floor of our hotel room, or scouring all of the locations of a particular store for that one pair of jeans I regretted not buying, there wasn't a single moment that wasn't shared with a smile.

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