Amsterdam, Netherlands

amsterdam, the netherlands

While Hef ran off to attend to business, I decided to play tourist alone. First stop absolutely had to be the Stedelijk Museum. When I first turned the corner and saw the building, I knew that it would be love at first sight. Everything was just so crisp and fresh. Like breathing in that brisk fall air right as the season begins to turn. The staff was really friendly too - quick to offer suggestions and information on the exhibits. Oh, and a quick shoutout to the nice bag check guy who noticed I was fervently trying to find a place to eat that wouldn't cost a small fortune and suggested Pompa. Hef finally met up with me, and we continued on our little trip together. He kindly tried to help me pronounce "Stedelijk" for the rest of the day, but I gave up and settled for learning how to say "I like candy" in Dutch. Ik vind snoep lekker!

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