Stockholm, Sweden

stockholm, sweden

In addition to seafood, meatballs are a dish that's a must in Sweden. Jazz and I popped into Meatballs for the People for a small snack after a day of shopping. The restaurant is small, and jam packed even on a weekday at a totally random time. Upon sitting, you're served some crispbread with sea salt butter. They only serve one dish for lunch, which is their meatball of the day with a rotating array of sides. We absolutely loved the meatballs and the potatoes as well. As for the small red fruit and beets (we're totally guessing here, we actually don't know what they are. How American is that!?), we weren't a fan. But I'm chalking that up to just not being exposed to eating those types of foods. For only 125 sek, you'll definitely leave feeling full.

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