Madrid, Madrid, Spain

madrid, spain

Ramón Frexia is one of those restaurants that not only offers incredible food, but a phenomenal dining experience as well. The restaurant only seats 25 diners per night, so we were incredibly lucky to grab a reservation. Before the meal began, the chef introduced himself and the starters. His current obsession at the time of the meal was tomatoes, and he presented nine starters incorporating tomatoes in various ways. After the starters, five more courses were introduced. Even the bread was an incredible experience, as the chef's father would bake the bread in his home daily, and bring it to the restaurant! Finally, we concluded by having an after dinner cocktail and coffee out in the gardens with cake and chocolates. Before we knew it, four hours had passed but we didn't even notice! That's truly how immersed we were in the meal. If you're in town, I highly recommend visiting. If not for the meal, at least for a coffee in the gorgeous gardens.

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