Madrid, Madrid, Spain

madrid, spain

I've never been much for interiors. While I appreciate and adore beautiful spaces, I've never spent much time considering the decor in my own personal home. Shoutout to Ikea for my all white wooden furnishings! In fact, I hardly even have anything that would be considered "decor" in my own space aside from a few photos and potted plants. I'm still trying to decide whether this is a product of me moving to three different cities in a year, or just sheer laziness. Regardless, I think that my tune might change very soon since living in this gorgeous Madrid apartment. Right off of the Gran Vía, it was like a haven in the midst of a busy city. Cue me googling "wicker chairs". Practical? Probably not. But maybe it's about time to infuse a little bit of fun in my home. Now, if only I could work on getting a private rooftop pool to my current residence...

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