Los Angeles, CA, USA

los angeles, california

There was so much buzz surrounding The Broad's opening in L.A. Whether or not you had good things to say about it, there was one thing that everyone could agree upon - you just had to visit. I was in town for business, and decided to take some extra time to finally check out the museum. The first thing I realized was that I totally pronounced the name incorrectly. Whoops! It rhymes with "road", not "rod". After getting over that initial embarrassment, I settled down and really got to enjoy the museum. I really loved their collection of work, and found the building itself to be quite unique and beautiful. I loved coming up the escalator and having the room open up as you arrived. The best part of the whole visit was seeing Yayoi Kusama's Infinity Mirrored Room. Make sure to grab a reservation immediately! The wait was totally worth it though, and I was totally lost in the work and fell in love. All in all, I'd say that you definitely need to visit The Broad.

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