Münster, Germany

münster, germany

I visited Münster for a concert and decided to spend the night since the prospect of taking a 2 hour train at 1 AM didn't really excite me. With a few hours to kill the next morning, I decided to properly explore the city. And by properly, I mean google "things to do in Münster". This lead me to the Muhlenhof Freilichtmuseum, which was their open-air museum. While I wouldn't necessarily recommend anyone to go out of their way to visit, it's still fun if you're already in town. We explored buildings that ranged from the 16th to the 19th century, and got to interact with various animals that roam the space. There's also a large windmill in the center to see, and an interesting installation detailing how it was built, and various windmill trivia. Oh, and be sure to try and catch their cute cat out and about. He's super friendly and loves a good "hello"! 
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