Taipei, Taiwan

taipei, taiwan

While lugging my things back from the laundromat, I noticed a beautiful home nestled between various greenery. It was a stark contrast against the normal concrete buildings in the area, so I couldn't help but mosey over in awe of the lush bushes and trees. As it turns out, the home belonged to Roy Lee, who runs Roy's Food Lab out of his kitchen. Each night, this chemical engineer turned chef seats six individuals and creates a tasting menu from scratch. With my father's birthday coming up, my family quickly gathered around Roy's table for a celebration over delicious food. Each course was well thought out, and you could definitely taste how passionate this man was about cooking. Every dish was composed of seasonal ingredients, and nodded towards his Taiwanese heritage while maintaining the essence of his Italian training. If listening to Roy personally introduce each dish isn't interactive enough for you, just look up and you'll find him with his staff ten feet away in the open kitchen. I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Roy's Food Lab. We were warmly welcomed into his home, and not only did we enjoy a fantastic meal, but we also made a great new friend along the way. Stay tuned for an interview with the chef himself!

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