Düsseldorf, Germany

düsseldorf, germany

Jeff and I heard about Tomàs Saraceno's In Orbit, and we immediately had to make a day of it. After all, how could I turn down a day of dinner, art, and a bit of exercise? The piece features a steel net suspended over 25 meters above the museum, where patrons climb out onto the structure. After donning special jumpsuits and boots, we climbed even higher on a pair of rickety stairs to access the piece. To be honest, I'm absolutely terrified of heights (and signing the wavier basically filled with "we are not liable if you die" jargon definitely didn't help). I may or may not have started to freak out at the entrance. Thankfully, one of the employees noticed, and she sweetly held my hand and led me out onto the net. After calming down (and ignoring Jeff leaping and bounding around me), I began to really enjoy the experience. If you want to be philosophical, you can discuss how the work examines relationships and consequences through movement. I, personally, decided to focus on staying alive for the next 15 minutes.

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