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california, united states of america

As someone who works from the comfort of my home, it's been a blessing and a curse that I have the option of calling denim shorts "office appropriate". After all, my business partner watched me grow out of a phase in middle school were I liked to wear shirts with "sassy" phrases on them. Whenever I find it necessary to leave the house though, I still like to maintain a feeling of comfort. That's where this super soft All Saints dress comes in. It's one of those garments where I can simultaneously chow down on a Wendy's Baconator and feel fabulous at the same time. Now that's fancy. 

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dress: all saints / purse: rebecca minkoff / pom pom keychain: kestan, shoes: alexander wang x h&m / bracelets: kestan / ring: tiffany & co / hat: h&m 
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