taipei, taiwan

As a consumer, I've always been concerned regarding where my clothes come from. After all, that ten dollar shirt you're wearing is how someone makes their living. At some point, a real person with ambitions, fears, and curiosities held that shirt and stitched it together. When we founded Kestan, Kevin and I knew that we wanted to be intimately involved with our production team. Not only do we care deeply about the quality of our product, but we wanted to make sure that the women we employ are treated ethically and have a fair standard of living. This is one of the main reasons why we fly back and forth between our studio and Taipei so often. 

On this trip, we decided to try our hand at vlogging. To be frank, I've never filmed myself before. There may be a few awkward facial expressions and you'll notice my love for the phrases, "spring 2016" and "so, right now...". We still thought it would be fun to share this footage though, and maybe you can catch a glimpse of our personalities! / @hellokestan

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