Santa Barbara, CA, USA

santa barbara, california, united states of america

I had two impressions of Santa Barbara growing up. First, I remember building a miniature replica of Mission Santa Barbara in elementary school, and learning absolutely nothing from the process. Secondly, I visited once as a child. After falling asleep in the car, I woke up believing that we somehow drove to Hawaii. Apparently the American educational system did me no good when it comes to geography.

Returning to Santa Barbara as an adult though? It's a totally different experience. We drove up for a few days of sun while visiting old friends. We hit the pier to visit Santa Monica Seafood where I tried (unsuccessfully) to eat my weight in seafood. There was also a surprisingly rich wine culture in the city, so we spent most of our free time wandering from winery to winery. Of course that plus a very robust heat didn't end well for us, but nursing a hangover isn't so bad if it's done with good food! We headed over to Tupelo Junction Cafe for some fresh juice and eggs before hopping in the car and heading home.

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