At Kestan, we build our collections around the lifestyle a Kestan woman lives. We understand that every woman is multi-faceted, and we want to enable our customers to express their personality and ethics through their style. By embracing informed and modern design, we seek to offer a wardrobe for the fearless and spirited woman. 

With this notion in mind, we'll be launching "Kestan Community" soon. Here, we gather the stories of courageous individuals and delve into their creative processes and what makes them move. These features will also show how Kestan pieces seamlessly integrate into their busy lives on an aesthetic and ethical way. 

We're currently looking for more individuals from different industries with a story to tell. Whether you're a writer, chef, artist, accountant, or whatever you may fancy - we're interested in what you have to say. You'll join a community of women that include philanthropists, business owners, travelers, and more. Kestan wants to capture your story through an in depth interview all while wearing our beautiful garments. 

If you'd like to be featured on as part of our community, shoot us an e-mail at support(at) for more information. Let us know why you'd like to be part of the community, and feel free to send along your social media links as well!

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