Orange County, CA, USA

orange county, california, united states of america

I was having one of those days where everything just felt a little off. I jammed my foot while slamming the car door, dropped my waffle while transferring it from the oven to my plate, and then subsequently burned my tongue trying to chow down while running late to an appointment. It was nothing terrible really, but rather a collection of tiny, yet annoying, events. So what does a person do when faced with a day like this? Eat Italian of course.

I hopped over to Cucina Enoteca with a lady who never fails to serve me a hot plate of encouragement when I need it. We gathered over a huge fluffy mound of focaccia and began to exchange words while simultaneously filling our hearts with tenderness and our stomachs with meatballs and pasta. We grabbed their fried squash blossoms (a total must), and saffron linguine. That little bit of TLC definitely made my day. We bid adieu, and I climbed back into my car (sans foot slamming) with a fresher and more positive outlook.

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