Los Angeles, CA, USA

los angeles, california, united states of america

I've been totally swamped with work lately. Between building our Organic Cotton Initiative (check it out here!) and getting our Autumn line through production, I've hardly had any time to decompress. I definitely realized this was becoming an issue when I grabbed coffee with a friend of mine and she asked me, "what's new?". The most exciting thing to happen in my personal life should not be that I upgraded my Netflix to stream in HD. So, with a determination to do something "fun", I dragged my brother Kevin up to L.A. with me for a day of sightseeing and food. We stopped by the LACMA for some seriously gorgeous art. I loved how many of the pieces outside invited viewers to engage with the work. We moseyed around for a while and grabbed a delicious coffee at C+M before hopping in the car for the next leg of our day out. 

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