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I'm going to start off by saying one of the oddest things I've yet to say on this blog - I hate it when my face is uncomfortable. I have pretty much have sensitive everything, so even the slightest dryness or shine (thanks, combination skin) can suddenly feel like the Sahara Desert on my cheeks and an olive oil bath on my forehead. This usually means that my makeup routine consists of nothing, and if I'm feeling fancy I'll use BB cream and apply that with my fingers. Hey, this isn't a makeup blog for a reason! 

When Hourglass sent me their Seamless Finish Foundation Stick to test out, I was definitely hesitant and ready to be picky. After all, nothing screams "potent!" like a densely packed concealer/foundation combo. After dabbing a few dots around my face, I immediately felt how smooth the formula was, and my fears were put to rest. The triangle shape was unconventional, but helped me get into tight corners like around the nose. Their foundation brush helped buff out the product into a seamless and even finish. My only complaint was that it started to feel a little sticky after going out in the heat for a few hours. All in all though, I was very surprised and happy with this foundation. I'll definitely be including it into my routine for those days when I want to look fancy, but not necessarily feel it on my face. 

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