Los Angeles, CA, USA

There are times in my life when I'll reflect on the past and ask myself, "Why?". Thinking that wearing checkered suspenders made me look edgy in high school? Why?! Deciding that eating half a dozen fudgsicles after a meal of Macho Nachos at Del Taco was a great idea? Why?! Ignoring the MTA cancelling trains which resulted in me walking the Brooklyn Bridge to get home at 4AM? Why?! 

Long story short, there were definitely moments in my life that certainly weren't...wise. Let's add wearing all black and an oversized neoprene trench coat during California's heat wave to that list. Despite enjoying a personal sauna right inside my polyester pants, I still survived the day on a steady stream of iced coffees and juices. All I can say is "thank goodness" for LA's obsession with juicing! 

P.S. I'm totally stoked to finally roll out Sartorial Diner's new layout! I wanted something a little bit more fun and easier to access different categories. Hope you all like it! 

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