Los Angeles, CA, USA

Very few things could get me to hightail across town in the middle of rush hour like thick chunks of lobster meat wedged between two pieces of buttered bread. I definitely have my priorities straight when it comes to dinner! Cousins Maine Lobster serve their rolls two different ways, and I opted for the Connecticut Lobster Roll (served warm with butter and lemon). My fellow gluttons and I decided to order more food under the guise of sharing (when in reality, we just wanted to eat more without being judged). Lobster Tots sounded promising, but let's be honest. No matter what you throw on it, they're still tater tots in the end and probably not worth $13.50. We also ordered New England Clam Chowder, and that was a great choice. The soup was rich, and they didn't skimp on the seafood. I'll definitely be back for more very soon! 

Cousin's Main Lobster

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