Kestan : FW16 Lookbook

Things have been a little quiet around here while I squared away Kestan's fall/winter line. Now that we're in between seasons, I finally have some time to share a few photos from our latest campaign! This season I was inspired to create relaxed silhouettes to evoke a sense of femininity and softness. We have lots of blush colors contrasted against black and navy, and you'll find a mix of sleek minimalistic designs paired with silken fabrics and draped looks. See more photos here or check out the full collection here!

Photography by Natasha Wilson

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Eats in Austin : Italic

I flew into Austin for a jam packed weekend filled with wedding fun and catching up with friends. I was super excited to catch up with one friend in particular because not only was he super fun, but we shared a mutual obsession with good cocktails and even better food. Every time we tell ourselves we're calling it a night, we somehow end up at just one more bar/restaurant. For example, we decided to call it quits after a round of Moscow mules and donuts...only to end up having mimosas and fried chicken an hour later. Oh well, I was on vacation! 

In fact, to further prove my point, we actually met up again the next morning - this time for brunch. We headed to Italic and started off with a few complimentary drinks to wake us up. Afterwards, we gave their prosciutto & cheese a try. Next up, we ordered some vegetarian gnocchi with fresh tomatoes and zucchini, and penne rigate bolognese with beef and pork. We also tried their pea risotto which was super creamy, and ended the meal with some prosciutto pizza which was topped with an egg.

I definitely recommend visiting Italic for a delicious Italian brunch. That being said, I'm off to the gym now. Let's all have a moment of silence for what used to be my metabolism. 

▹ Italic

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Vlog : A Day in LA

Kevin and I headed up to LA to check out Artist's and Fleas. We didn't really have an agenda, and ended up eating, going to the LACMA, eating, and...eating. Yup, sounds about right! 

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Eats in LA : Magnolia Bakery

I first fell in love with Magnolia Bakery when I was living in New York. I always remember running into the store after eating dinner in Greenwich, or stopping by their location in Grand Central Station on the way home. Even though I visit their Los Angeles location now, every bite still takes be back to those chilly days in New York where a spoonful of banana pudding could transport me to another place. And their buttercream? Mmm, definitely one of my favorites. And this is coming from someone who eats a lot of buttercream.

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